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A focused, personalized approach to help you repair and renew your body.

At Pilates Palm Springs our work is designed for the INDIVIDUAL. 

We offer private, semi-private lessons and small group classes.  This allows us to identify and address your specific needs.  We teach you to use your mind, body and breath; and to move with strength, energy and awareness. 

We start with your POSTURE.

We observe and assess your posture for structural integrity, much like a building.  If an area is weak, the whole structure is affected.  Most people aren’t highly aware of their bodies in this way, but a trained eye will see it; a raised shoulder, tilted head, weight on one leg more than the other…  We’ll develop your awareness and give you the tools to feel and “fix” many of the issues that trouble you.  If you have no aches and pains, this work will fine tune your body for better performance in anything you do.

We develop a road map to improve the way you move.

Our goal is to help you use your body more efficiently and effectively.  While we focus on the whole body, the center line (arches to top of the head) and the deep abdominal muscles, support your spine, support and provide stability for your limbs, and connect your upper and lower body.  We work on stability and mobility.  You will learn how to decompress your spine using “dynamic alignment;” live vs. dead weight.   It’s a simple, profound and effective concept.

We work with your BRAIN as well as your BODY.

Our classes and lessons are not just exercise for the body.  You’ll learn to use deliberate/mindful movement for balance and strength.  You’ll develop an understanding of YOUR body.  You’ll learn to mentally trigger the physical corrections you need to control pain or enhance performance.  With the methods you learn, you’ll find that a shift of your hip or a release of a shoulder can often change a pattern that causes pain, discomfort, nerve compression or holds you back from being your best.

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Our Teachers

Susan Salk

Director and Teacher

Stephen Miermont


Jason Goldberg


Honey Frid


Brian Murphy


Pilates is more than exercise.

Pilates is a method of physical and mental conditioning; a method of corrective exercise; a moving meditation. It’s also a great workout!

It’s all of those things, and then some.  We use the method to help you understand YOUR body;  issues of weakness, over use, unconscious tension, immobility, discomfort, misalignment…  If you’re in good shape with no issues, we will fine tune and fortify your body/mind connection.  Simply teaching exercises in repetitions without addressing your particular issues, can be detrimental, and it is not what the method is about.


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