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Susan Salk


Pilates Palm Springs is a studio dedicated to teaching you the Pilates Method of physical and mental conditioning, which is designed to re-educate your body toward conscious structural integrity, thus fulfilling your fitness potential. Identifying postural imbalance is the first step. Corrections come as you develop the musculature to support optimal alignment. This work is for individuals interested in physical and mental fine-tuning (athletes, dancers, performers, scholars, heavy thinkers), those returning to physicality (from injuries, sedentary life/work style), and people interested in improving their posture, strength, balance, and grace.

You can expect to feel stronger, taller, more grounded, yet lifted.

Your posture, balance, co-ordination, and focus will improve.

You will become more aware of your postural habits and will have the tools to make lasting changes.

You will achieve optimal alignment, which makes physical activity more meaningful and effortless.



The Pilates (pil-AH-tees) Method of Physical and Mental Conditioning was developed from the 1930s through the 1950s by physical therapist Joseph Pilates and his wife, Clara, and further developed by Pilates’ student Ron Fletcher. Pilates designed specialized equipment to augment and enhance a virtual  encyclopedia of floor exercises (hundreds of them) that ask that you consciously identify, articulate, and strengthen the deep muscles of the torso and abdomen (the core), while relaxing and lengthening the superficial (surface) muscles, allowing the core muscles to become your primary support.  Proper alignment, attention to detail, and breath work are part of every exercise.

Pilates Master Teacher Ron Fletcher developed his methods over a fifty-year period of study with Joseph and Clara Pilates, Martha Graham, and Agnes De Mille.  Fletcher has built a program based on profound concepts that yield profound results.  His work is much more than exercise; it is a way of being, and it is a way of experiencing the joy of movement. 


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