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Susan Salk - Director/Pilates Instructor

Susan earned a degree in Choreography and Performance at UCLA’s School of Arts and Architecture. As a young dancer, and throughout her career, she studied with master teacher Bella Lewitzky.  As a performer, she spent ten years in Los Angeles with two modern dance companies. Her “day job” was as an arts administrator; producing, programming, and grant writing for the performing and visual arts. In addition, Susan taught movement in the LA Probation School System, part of a California Arts Council Artist-in-the-Schools program.  Then her focus shifted, and Susan began her formal study of therapeutic bodywork.  Susan is certified in the following modalities: Cranio-Sacral Therapy, deep tissue massage, Watsu, Reiki, and Myofacial Release.  While convinced of the merits of hands-on bodywork, Susan knew that teaching her clients how to make lasting structural changes would be of even greater benefit to them. The Pilates Method was the answer.

Throughout her dance career, Susan studied the Pilates Method and found it to be critical to her own well-being and a wonderful discipline for her students.  In 1993 Susan met master teacher Ron Fletcher, one of the few remaining first-generation students of Joseph and Clara Pilates.  Inspired by Ron’s interpretation of the Pilates Method and the profound benefits inherent in the work, she returned to the dedicated study of human movement potential. Susan is highly regarded in the Pilates community nationally and is sought after by students as a truly masterful teacher of Pilates and movement.

  Susan Salk - Director



Nicole Fosberg - Pilates Instructor

Currently studying for her Bachelors of Art in Dance at University of California in Riverside, Nicole began dancing at the age of five.  She has danced with Gus Giordano in Chicago and with Ballet Met in Columbus, Ohio, and was recognized by Dance America as a young, up-and-coming choreographer.

Nicole received her Pilates training with Rael Isakowitz and Karen Clippinger and has developed a loyal following among the Pilates Palm Springs clientele. Her background in dance gives her a deep understanding of discipline and biomechanics.  Susan Salk is extremely pleased to have Nicole at Pilates Palm Springs and considers her one of the most promising young teachers in the field.



Nicole Fosberg


Dano Gregory - Pilates Instructor

Dano received his formal Pilates training at The Ellie Herman Studios in San Francisco and has also completed a rehabilitation program based on the Janda Method of physical therapy.  He has modeled for various publications demonstrating Pilates and trained teachers for Ellie Herman (author of Pilates for Dummies) in her Pilates teacher-training program.

In working with private clients and when structuring group classes, Dano also draws on his background in yoga, psychology, and Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist internal organ massage), with the aim of integrating mind, body, and breath to encourage strength, grace, and freedom in movement and thought.


Tasha - Pilates Instructor

Tasha completed her Pilates instructor training in mat and equipment work through the Physicalmind Institute in New York City. She was trained by Diana Feltz, a third-generation instructor in the Pilates Method, and continues her training today.

Raised in a family attuned to health and wellness, Tasha began her study in the holistic health field by completing a course in massage therapy at the Mount Shasta Institute of Holistic Therapies. Eager to learn more, she moved to San Diego to continue her studies, completing the course for holistic health practitioners at the Academy of Health Professions. During her training she was introduced to various styles of bodywork, nutrition, herbology, and holistic approaches to exercise---including stretching, yoga, t’ai chi, Pilates, somatics, breath work, meditation, energy balancing, and others. As her interests broadened she also completed a course in nutritional counseling at the School of Healing Arts in San Diego and has extensive training in medical esthetics and as an esthetician. She brings this wealth of experience to her teaching of Pilates.


Claire Jordan Grant - Meditation Instructor

Claire has practiced Vipassana or Mindfulness meditation daily for over five years. She has received extensive training in the practice, including participating in seminars by Sharon Salzberg, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hahn, Jack Kornfield, Shinzen Young, Eckhart Tolle, and others. Claire brings her experience as a University teacher to the goal of sharing the techniques and benefits of this rewarding relaxation technique with others.




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